Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Perce, QC

On Sept. 5th, we entered the province of Quebec. It wasn't an ugly drive, but it wasn't as dramatic as we'd somehow come to expect. Most of Hurricane Early had passed, but it was still a little cloudy/rainy.

Some cool house painting! The eagle has landed (well, almost).

Really like this one!

And here it is - the rock! Or should I say, Le Rocher! Rocher Perce is Pierced Rock in French. Made primarily of limestone, this is one of the world's largest arches in water. It is in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, near the tip of the Gaspe Peninsula.

Perce is a tiny town but is quite a tourist stop as the rock is a Quebecois treasure!

The view from our campground (Le Cote Surprise) - not bad, eh?! Our cg, in fact, was where many taxis brought their tourist cargo for their scenic vista stop.

Bonadventure Island. Or Ile Bonaventure. You can take a boat ride over to see one of the world's most important and largest gannet populations (there are also puffins). I wish we'd had time to do that, but we were only there for one windy night!

Looking out from our campground.

Some decommissioned coast guard buildings (and The Rock in the background...).

Pretty view on the other side of town. And if you look real close (on an enlarged view), you can see the road leading out of town - UPPPPP the hill! Was the steepest section we encountered on the whole trip. We opted to stay disconnected and drive separately up this part! Even so, Bill could only coax the RV into a mere 35 mph top speed! I hear it's even more exciting coming INTO Perce this way!

A closer look at that steep road!

And a closer look at that beautiful water! And such pretty clouds. We were only there for one day - alas! - but what a day it was! We just had so much to see and not much time to see it in, if we were to make it to Quebec City in time for Bill's flight on Sept. 13th! The Gaspesie is pretty big to get around so quickly!

Maybe Prudential should've used THIS rock for its logo/commercial! Pretty impressive chunk!

Another look at the coast guard buildings, from the point near the cross.

Just a picturesque house and spot.

Wow, and there's that gorgeous ocean again.

OK, so here I am on a high point of that steep road, coming back into town. Probably can't tell from this photo, but you'd better be sure of your brakes on this patch of road!

The Rock, the coast guard buildings, and a bit of the town - from above.

Another picturesque scene. OK, indulge the photographer will ya?!

You've seen it before, but here are some more! Just look at that water color!

I'd say the tourists are onto something here, wouldn't you??

And just to prove it was windy... Check out THIS "blow-dried guy!" (thank you Ross Perot for that perfect description of so many of our politicians!) :)


  1. Awesome photos and lovely dogs!

    1. Sorry I didn't know how to respond to blog comments back then - so here's a big THANK YOU five years after the fact!! :)