Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bog Trail

One of Kouchibouguac's coolest jewels (well, it was kind of cool in the early evenings and mornings at least...) is its giant peat bog (makes up 21% of the park).

From the parking area, you walk (quickly) on a boardwalk through the (mosquito-infested) forest...

At the start of the bog, you can climb up the neato lookout tower.

What an unusual view!

Back on bog level and heading out on the boardwalk...

Look! Blueberries!!!! I had to sample a few... Yum!

And more of the cool pitcher plants and their weird flowers! Bogs are home to a lot of our strangest flora, including Venus fly traps, etc.! I wish I could've stayed longer and explored it more. I would've loved to have found some of those oddities and seen them in person in their home turf!

The pitcher part of the pitcher plants, and colorful mosses, etc..

What looks to be a baby (or bonsai) larch tree, amidst the moss.

One of a few little ponds.

And...Mr. Frog!

Bye Mr. Frog. Take good care of the bog for us!

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