Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cushy what???

Kouchibouguac. National Park. Back into New Brunswick on Sept. 1st, where we stayed at this park on NB's eastern coast for a couple nights - and two VERY hot days.

Hurricane Earl was working its way towards us, pushing a bunch of extraordinarily hot air in front of it. Temps were around 95 degrees (34 Celsius) during the day. And unfortunately our site only provided 30 amps, so we had to do some energy management again in order to run our AC (means putting everything possible onto propane or just turning it off, period!).
As you can see, Scratty decided the coolest hang-out was in this newly discovered (because newly available...!) nest.

This is what it looks like in everyone's house that has cats, right? Pure silliness. But very entertaining!

Kouchibouguac (pronounced something like Cushy-boo-shzwack, or at least that's how I say it!) turned out to be a really neat place - just like so many other spots I was a little unsure of...! It had coastline, riverfront, "swamps/lagoons," sand dunes, grasslands, forest, and peat bog! Anything missing?? What a mix! Here's some of the shoreline.

Some of the lagoony areas, where the tidal flux is most evident.

Marshy area in the forest.

One of the neatest aspects of this park were the dirt and gravel bike paths/roads. Miles and miles of them.

Good reason to observe those bike speed limits! Other path users!!

Your guess is as good as mine!?! It's another tiny-big thing! (I'm sure if I knew more French, this would make total sense, but it's more fun to remain in oblivion on this one!)

Very nice boardwalk over grassy/marshy stuff to the shore.

At river mouth (of Kouchibouguac River).

Possibilities for fun...

Beach scene.

Nice picnic spot looking out at the coast. And you can see the forest is right there too.

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck... Yup, I finally get to see one up close! Looks almost just like a marmot (and they seem to have similarly bad eyesight! This guy let me get pretty close)! Very cute.

On our second day's stay, the beginnings of the storm started to show up. First, just as some pretty clouds. They didn't stay however - it wasn't until the next day that it started to get more serious and cool off (figures, eh?!).

More of the ubiquitous bike paths.

Despite the heat (and getting the first owie on our RV because of a short wooden post at our campsite), we really enjoyed our stay at this park. The beauty, the user-friendliness, the unusual mix of various land types, and a few really friendly fellow campers (there were also unfriendly campers, but they were more than compensated for by the nice ones!).

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