Saturday, June 4, 2011


EIP/IEP/EPI/PIE...PIE, yeah that would work, I like pie! So, it's Prince Edward Island, or Ile-du-Prince-Edouard, depending on whether you're coming at it from an English or French point of view.

We were coming at it from New Brunswick, over the Confederation Bridge, a relatively new way of crossing over to PEI (vs. ferry - that was pretty much the only way until the bridge was completed in 1997). The bridge option is pretty expensive (approx. $40 for a car and $60 for an RV towing a car - you only pay one way, on your way out) but still cheaper (and quicker!) than the ferry (which looked to be over for $100 for our set-up)! The bridge is 8 miles and the longest bridge over ice-covered water in the world (although not much ice to be had when we were there at the end of Aug.!)

We stayed at the Cornwall KOA, which was a teeny bit more expensive than some other campgrounds there but well worth it!!! It was a lovely setting with great water views!

Everyone out enjoying a lovely day!
Lots of lawn, pretty pine trees, and the water just to the left of those trees. Very nice.

The indoor living there was mighty fine too. Maybe, after a sunny afternoon spent outdoors, one needed to recover with a cozy little nap in the passenger seat...

Or the driver's seat would work as well...

Good thing the rest of us still had the couch and the bed, as both of the front seats were often taken!

Here is our beach (on the West River), just steps away from our RV! PEI is well-known for its red dirt.

But fewer know about all the little crabs running around in the shallow water! I had one run over my foot while I was wading around!

And these folks had two dogs who had a blast chasing after the little buggers. Fiona & Stephen and their kids live in PEI but are from Ireland! Two really great people who we sure enjoyed meeting and talking with!

One of our pretty views from the campground.

A nice way to end the day...


  1. Hi Carrie - I loved all your PEI pictures! I've lived on the Island for several years and it is great to see how well you've captured its spirit.

    I look forward to exploring your blog more - I know I will enjoy seeing the other places your travels have taken you.

    Regards, Ross

    1. This will be a little weird - being 4 years later...!!! But...thanks! I think I was too retarded and didn't know how to reply before! But seriously, if you should ever read this, thank you for the kind comments! We really enjoyed PEI! I hope you have enjoyed all the other places we've been so lucky to visit - while I don't think I've ever finished a blog, I've started many (one for each year's travels...)!! Say Hi to PEI for us! :)