Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dalhousie Days

Hurricane Earl was fast catching up to us, so we decided we'd best lay low, and the best-sounding area and campground to do that in was the Inch Arran in Dalhousie. We did good. Dalhousie is right at the mouth of a narrowing (it goes from Chaleur Bay to even smaller Tracadish Bay) where Quebec meets NB. so it is very sheltered. The worst we experienced was light rain and a few breezes. No big deal. But if we'd tried to reach our next destination - Perce - we would've been exposed to some probably dangerously high winds (remember, we're in a very high profile vehicle!!) and our stay in Perce would've started out pretty miserably too (or so we heard from the folks further north/northeast). And Dalhousie was an interesting stop.

One of the many new tastes/products we had to try while in Canada was dill pickle potato chips. They weren't bad. Bill - and most of the children - loved them!

And just to show the full utilization of available (not much!!!) counter space...
And Tracky gets in the mood and gears up for our Dalhousie stay (you'll see...)

We got our very own lighthouse! Well, we did have to share it with the entire campground and public in general, but it was within walking distance, so we felt a certain ownership over it!

You can see how it's nice and sunny...

But then things changed...just like the weather...?!

The kitties check out their first Canadian lighthouse, totally unfazed by the wet stairs.

Hmmm, does that bird know they're on leashes??

Looking back from the lighthouse to our campground.

Hurricane Earl clearing out...and it's soon time to go again. Next stop - Perce in Quebec!

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